Emily and Trey

Relationship Dynamic

Emily has a crush on Trey. She may have gotten a tattoo and dyed her hair to impress him. It is unknown if Trey has a crush on Emily. They are both irresponsible because Emily dyed her hair and got a tattoo and Trey snuck out to a concert. They both become more responsible and are told to watch Bobby and AJ together. They smile at each other a lot. 


  • Emily hears they're going to the Anderson's and she says Trey's name.
  • Emily smiles as she says "Trey Anderson".
  • Trey looks at Emily as he sneaks out.
  • When Trey is missing Emily asks where he is. 
  • Emily looks in Trey's room for him.
  • Emily looks shocked when she sees Trey's window is open.
  • Emily volunteers to go to the city to help find Trey possibly because she is worried about him. 

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