Katy Cooper is one of the main characters in Adventures in Babysitting. She is a Cooper and one of the many children that Jenny babysits.

She is portrayed by Mallory James Mahoney.


She is an adorable, little girl with a fun, adventurous personality. 


Her hair colour is blonde, different to her sister and Mom's hair colour, which is black.


This information is currently unknown.


Emily Cooper

They have a good but a little dramatic relationship, as Katie can tattletales on Emily most of the time, like when Emily was about to shave her head. But overall, they had a good relationship.


What do you except me to where pearls.
— Katie to Jenny


  • Katy is a Cooper
  • She loves her babysitter Jenny
  • She's adorable
  • She loves jewelery


The image gallery for Katy Cooper may be viewed here.


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